Saturday, 30 April 2016

About Me!

Do you have an interest in all things glam, beauty, makeup and wellness but you're not big on the latest crazes, spending huge heaps of money or buying every single new product?

Well good. I'm like that too. I think we'll get along just fine. 

Hi! I'm Usha and I live in Ontario, Canada! Canada has many wonderful things like Tim Hortons, snow, hockey and the CN Tower!

If you love makeup, beauty, health, wellness and you don't like to be broke or use complicated products, you've come to the right space. Here you can find tips, tricks and advice on all things beauty and wellness related from my daily experience in this wonderful journey we call life. I'm not an expert or a professional makeup artist but I love to share ideas and be creative. You might have a tip or two to share as well! I'm always learning and I don't think I'll ever become an expert or 'know it all'. I hope we can travel along this journey together.

I started Just Random Little Things as blogging was always a dream of me and I wanted to share all the wonderful things that life has to offer. During my 25th birthday I finally decided to turn that dream into reality. Since that time it has grown to so much more! For me blogging is a creative outlet and a way to share ideas and connect with others who have similar interests.

There are so many beauty and wellness blogs that dedicate so much time and money on makeup and buying the latest products (and nothing is wrong with this!). However, I'm not about that. I rarely buy makeup. I don't have a makeup room and my makeup collection is the size of travel makeup case. I just like to share tips and tricks and love learning!

Makeup and wellness play a significant part in my life and how I feel as a person. It makes me feel beautiful, complete and amazing and I want to share that with others! Take a look around and explore what I have to share. There's a lot of content to share.

I love books, coffee, colouring, cooking, popcorn, chocolate, ice cream, pjs and travelling.

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Protect Your Skin - Foundation Expires!

All of us can be guilty about keeping makeup longer than we should. There are so many times where I keep using expired lipstick or nail polish. You just don't think about makeup expiring. However, we really should; especially when it comes to foundation. I gave this no thought until recently when I was applying my foundation and it just wasn't doing its job. I knew something was off and that was when I discovered that foundation does expire! I thought I would share a few points on how you can also determine if your makeup expires.

1. For one, your skin will look darker. The foundation tends to oxidize much more when expired than when its not. You will definitely notice that something is off with the colour of your skin. If this happens, check your foundation.
2. Even though my skin was looking darker, I kept on using my foundation for a few more days. I thought that maybe the discoloration would stop after a few days. However, in addition to my skin looking darker my foundation was just not giving me the complete, flawless, smooth look that I was aiming for. I know how well my foundation performs and applies on my skin. When you notice that something isn't right about the application or finished look, most likely it can be due to expired foundation.
3. This is a weird one but I also noticed that my face was a lot more oily then usual (and I use an oil controlling base before I apply makeup). It just didn't seem right as I wasn't running a marathon throughout the day for my skin to be that oily. Also my diet didn't change and was pretty much the same. With the above two points combined with my oily skin, I knew that I was dealing with a case of expired foundation.

Luckily I had a brand new bottle of my usual foundation on hand as my first bottle was almost done. I then switched to the brand new foundation and boy, did it make the world of a difference! I knew instantly that I definitely was using expired foundation for a few days. You can just tell.

I don't think I'll be using expired foundation anytime soon as now I know what to look out for! I hope my experience can at least be of a little aid to you in what to look out for in your foundation. A good tip is to write the date on which you bought your foundation directly on the bottle. This way there are no excuses to loose track of time. Besides, you want to ensure that you are protecting your skin especially the skin on your face since it can be extremely sensitive.

I hope this helps! While I know what to look out for in foundation, I can definitely use some assistance in determining other expired makeup products - lipstick, eye shadow etc...

What tips do you have to tell when makeup products are expired?