Thursday, 9 April 2015

How I Like To Spend My Friday Nights

1. Order take out. This is a must every Friday night! For my husband and I, we like anything from sushi, Greek, Chinese, pizza or Indian.
2. Watch my favourite TV show. Right now its Scandal, Suits or Downton Abbey.
3. Watch a movie. Depending on what we can rent and what's available.
4. Play some board games! I like to play Scrabble or Yahtzee.
5. Believe it or not, sometimes I like to spend my Friday nights cleaning up. For me its therapeutic. I like having to spend only a few hours to get the entire house clean and finishing all my chores. This leaves me with the entire weekend free!

How do you like to spend your Friday nights?


Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Books I've Been Reading

Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone
After my trip to Universal Studios in Orlando earlier this year, I caught the Harry Potter bug yet again! I mean, I'm a die hard fan of Harry Potter, so it doesn't take much to get me in the mood. I've read the series several times, but I just can't get enough of it! I had to re-read this classic and all time favourite! I want to read the rest of the series as well, but there are so many new books to read with so little time...

Walt Disney's Biography
I was mesmerized by Disney World during my recent trip there, and I began to think about Walt Disney and the person he was, his dreams and ambitions and how he was able to make it all possible. I came across his biography in a gift shop and I had to buy it. I've read about half through the book and it's simply amazing! I think the biggest thing I can take away from his life so far is that he went through many, many ups and downs, and obstacles to get his enterprise to where it is today.

I had bought this book awhile back in the Fall and I just never got around to reading it. After I heard great things about the movie, it inspired me a little more to read it. Once I started however, I could not put the book down! I've gained so much knowledge on other aspects of WWII which I never knew about. The trials and tribulations that Louie goes through is simply incredulous, unbelieving and jaw dropping. This is a true story, and a really amazing one at that. It's a story that will not waste your time and have you thinking about it for days to come.

Dead Wake
Currently reading this bestseller about a passenger cruise ship tragedy during WWI. I'll update you on what I think in my next book post.

What have you been reading lately?


Thursday, 2 April 2015

Beauty Uses with Coconut Oil

I recently got into the groove of using coconut oil for some beauty regiments. While I have my tried and tested all time favourite products that I use, I've been using coconut oil to supplement my beauty routines. Be sure to look for unrefined or virgin coconut oil. This means the oil is pure and no chemicals have been added. There are so many benefits to using coconut oil, plus it's good for you and your body. There are so many other uses for coconut oil aside from beauty such as cooking and baking. Here are my favourite ways to use coconut oil for beauty!

1. Use as a conditioner for your hair before you take a shower. It restores the nutrients and makes your hair lush and soft.
2. Use it to help grow your eyebrows.
3. Use it as a natural product for lash growth/extensions.
4. Use underneath eye cream to help with dark circles. It keeps the under eye area looking youthful and fresh.
5. Use over your laugh lines to help decrease the risk of getting wrinkles.
6. Use as a natural lotion/moisturizer for dry skin (especially in the winter).
7. Use a a natural moisturizer for dry hands and feet (especially after a home manicure/pedicure).
8. Use around your cuticles to help strengthen and repair.
9. Use to decrease the appearance of stretch marks.
10. Perfect and natural massage oil after a long day!

What are some ways in which you use coconut oil for beauty?