Sunday, 29 May 2016

What Every Contact Lens User Should Know

I've been wearing contact lens for 11 years now! That's a long time.. In that time, I have learned a lot about proper handling techniques for contact lens along with general tips and tricks. Some tips I learned when I first started wearing contacts and others I've learned throughout the years. I don't see a lot of talk about tips and tricks about this topic and I thought that I could share some of what I have learned. Contact lens are tricky because one small thing could cause an infection or irritation. They are simple to use but not nearly as simple as one may think. I always recommend that you consult your eye doctor first before using contact lens. Of course, I am not a professional but here is what every contact lens user should know (in my opinion)!

1. Wash your hands thoroughly with warm water and soap before touching your eyes or contact lenses.
2. Dry your hands using a towel or paper towel. This will prevent lint from sticking onto your fingers and travelling onto your contact lens. A piece of lint can easily scratch the eye or your contact lens.
3. Change your contact lens case frequently. Unwanted bacteria and dirt can build up after prolonged use.
4. Don't stock up on contact lens solution as they have expiry dates. Always check the expiry dates before using a new bottle of contact lens solution.
5. Before using a new set of contact lenses, be sure to wash them thoroughly in contact solution. You never know how they were packed.
6. Only wear your contact lenses for the duration they are made for. IE: don't wear daily contacts for a week at a time.
7. Beware of your contact lens around long nails! Your nails could end up scratching or tearing your lens.
8. Long nails are more prone to trapping dirt and bacteria which could cause infections when handling your contact lens. Try to get them at a reasonable and hygienic length.
9. Even though you may be tempted to wear contact lens for prolonged periods of time, it's best to always give your eyes a break by giving them some extra oxygen love.
10. Contact lens have expiry dates too! Check before you use them.

Do you have any tips and tricks for contact lenses?


Sunday, 15 May 2016

10 Uses for Q-Tips

So many of us forget about q-tips in our grooming routines. I'm sure many of us have an unopened pack under the sink or in our linen closet. When we think about q-tips, we usually think about the traditional uses such as making our ears squeaky clean. However, there are so many other uses for q-tips than just the conventional way. There's so much big potential in these little guys! I thought it would be fun to put together a list of 10 uses for q-tips!

1. Dip your q-tip in nail polish remover to clean up the nail polish around the edges of your nails.
2. Use them to make designs on your nails by dipping in nail polish.
3. You can apply eye shadow in the crease or the inner corner of your eyelid using a q-tip.
4. Use a q-tip to create a smudged look with your eyeliner.
5. Mix your pigment with a mixing agent by using a q-tip.
6. Apply liquid lip gloss from a tube or in a palette using a q-tip.
7. Mix different lip colours to create a new lip colour by using a q-tip.
8. Clean up a makeup mistake by dipping in makeup remover (ie. applying eyeliner).
9. If you are going to pop a pimple, don't use your fingers! Use q-tips!
10. Apply eye brow gel or powder by using a q-tip.

As you can see, q-tips are a great, inexpensive and versatile tool to keep around the house. These are only a few uses for q-tips but I am sure there are so many other things you could do with them. Let me know what are your top uses for q-tips both beauty, wellness or other related. I would love to know!