Thursday, 19 February 2015

Oscar Nominated Movies That I've Watched

The Oscar's are only a few days away and I'm super excited! I love to watch movies but I especially love to watch Oscar nominated movies to guess the winners and losers! I wish I had the chance to watch all of the films nominated for Best Picture. Instead I only got down to watching a few. Today I'm talking about what I've watched and what I thought.

Imitation Game
This is a movie that has really opened up my eyes to world history. It's about the gifted mathematician Alan Turing and his mission to crack the Enigma Code - the highly intricate Nazi code, used to communicate throughout World War Two. As the war goes on and many lives are lost, Alan and his team desperately try everyday to break the code, until Alan creates a machine that would change everything. The movie also depicts Alan's journey through homosexuality at a time when it wasn't accepted. I loved this movie and highly recommend it!

The Theory of Everything
A movie that has really educated me about a major contributor to the world of science - Stephen Hawking. I have to admit that before watching this movie, I have heard of his name but didn't know exactly what he was famous for. The film goes through the life of Hawking from his days at University where he meets Jane, the love of his life, to his diagnosis, discoveries and personal ups and downs. Very real, superb acting and fascinating!

I was really excited to watch this one as it looked similar in theme to Gravity, which I loved! It's much more complicated than that. Due to deteriorating conditions on Earth, the crops are slowly becoming extinct with not enough food to feed the human race. Scientists and astronauts, played by Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway, travel through space to discover either how they can save the human race on earth or repopulate humanity on another planet. It wasn't my favourite film and I was very confused throughout. Nevertheless, it was an interesting concept to explore.

In this black comedy, Michael Keaton plays the role of Riggan Thompson. Riggan started out his career by playing the ever so famous Birdman comic superhero. Due to the huge success that Birdman evolved into, Riggan, the actor is forgotten. Later on in his career, to reclaim the attention he desired as an actor in Birdman, he decides to wear multiple hats by producing, writing, and playing in a Broadway musical. The film explores his mental thought process, family life, love life and personal decisions. It's definitely a different movie. I thought it was highly entertaining to watch the film being shot in what looked like one continuous take.

I read the book and loved it! Very inspiring and uplifting to the soul! The movie was just as great! It's very true to the book. Wild is about Cheryl Strayed who goes through a divorce, her mother passing away and ends up in a relationship with drugs, and ultimately decides to leave everything behind to hike the Pacific Crest Trail. She has no experience in this area but she decides to go along for the journey. Along the way she discovers herself and many aspects of her life. In the end, she turns around her life and starts from a new beginning.

Big Hero 6
It's a Disney movie, so of course I had to watch it, plus it's nominated for Best Animated Film. Loved the creativity of Sanfransokyo! I thought it was interesting that they played on many major emotions such as loss and grief. Hiro, a robotics genius, enters a contest to earn a scholarship at the top robotics institute in the city, for which his older brother, Tadashi, attends. His entry consisted of thousands of tiny robots that are controlled with the mind, which wows the crowd and ultimately grants him his scholarship. An accident at the venue results in Tadashi's death, leaving Hiro to deal with the loss of his brother. He is helped in this difficult time by his brother's final invention - a personal care robot called Baymax. Buckle up, because this is a real emotional roller-coaster!

How To Train Your Dragon 2
I loved the first movie and loved this one even better! In this sequel, we are introduced to Hiccup's mother, who he thought was dead. Together with his father, they try to overthrow Drago Bludvist, who has been capturing the dragons to create an army. Very entertaining, creative, funny and appealing to all audiences! I highly recommend watching this one.

I wasn't too keen on watching this one but decided to as there wasn't much option at the time. We learn of a boy who ends up living with the Boxtrolls due to unforeseen circumstances. He learns to live his life the way the Boxtrolls do. However, one day he is discovered living with the Boxtrolls by the humans. The humans and Boxtrolls aren't friends as the Boxtrolls are believed to eat human beings. The boy ends up showing the humans that Boxtrolls are indeed the most kind, loving and caring creatures to live.

What have been your favourite Oscar nominated movies to watch this season?


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