Wednesday, 7 October 2015

My Favourite Nail Polishes

Every girl likes having their nails done. Nothing feels better than having a set of newly polished fingertips. It somehow gives you all the girl power and confidence that you need to tackle what's next on your plate, in an mysterious way. Today, I thought I would share my favourite nail polish brands that I've been loving.

This is a no brainer for me! My collection is mostly filled with Essie nail polish. I gravitate towards the wide spectrum of colours that are available. I have colours from red to purple and everything in between! I love the texture and formula of these polishes. The brush makes for easy application and the formula makes for a long lasting manicure. I only wished that buying this brand would be a little more affordable. However, it's definitely a treat when I do buy a new colour.

Rimmel - 60 Seconds
I wanted a nail polish that would dry really quickly for those times where all you need is a fresh coat of polish before heading out the door. If that speaks to you, then this polish is for you. The formula glides on with a wide brush for easy application. The name doesn't lie... it does dry in 60 seconds! The staying power of this polish is amazing! I can go a whole week with chores and barely have any chips. I definitely want more of this brand in my collection. My only complaint is that I wish they had more colours.

I've been a lover of OPI for a very long time. With a great formula, array of colours and great applicator brush - it's all you need for great looking nails. I have a few OPI bottles in my collection. Lately I haven't bought any new colours, as it can be quite expensive. Although, OPI colours are usually what I tend to pick when I'm out at a salon getting a pedicure. My absolute favourite OPI colour is Bubble Bath! It's the perfect shade of nude all in one bottle.

Sally Hansen
Sally Hansen has been in the nail polish business for a very long time. I remember seeing this brand while growing up and going to the drug store. I love the remodeled look and extensive nail product line it has become. The lasting effect of the polish is long and the colours are pigmented. The applicator brush is wide and easy to use. I personally love my sparkle nail polishes from Sally Hansen.

What are your go to nail polishes?


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