Thursday, 24 March 2016

Best Lip Colour Combos

Lipstick is an essential in my makeup collection. I have a very small lipstick collection but I can safety safe that it is well loved. I've never been the one to collect huge amounts of makeup. I also find that I enjoy what I have more since I can remember what I own and find it very easily. Owning a small lipstick collection has allowed me to become creative with colours and combinations. While I may not have a lipstick colour to match all of my outfits I can certainty mix and match to create a whole different lip colour look. Here are my three best lip colour combos.

MAC Up The Amp + MAC Media
I love this lip combo in the spring and summer. You can make it as dark or light as you want. I apply a full layer of Media first. I then apply Up The Amp to the center of my lips. This creates a somewhat gradient/ombre look to the lips without much effort or hassle. Go darker by applying more Media and go lighter by applying more Up The Amp.

MAC Diva + MAC Vino
This is my go to lip combo for a red lip or a winter and/or fall look. I start by lining my lips with Vino. I then apply Vino to the outer edges of my lips, applying colour to one third of my lips on either side. I then go in with Diva and apply a full layer across the lips. I love this look as it gives you a different feel and appearance from your normal 'red lip'. If you are looking for a change or to switch things up, try out this deep purple and red combo.

Jordana's Cabernet + Revlon Colourburst Matte Balm in Sultry
I've always found it difficult to find the perfect nude for my skin tone (I have a medium to medium deep skin tone with an undertone of yellow). That search was called off when I found this colour combination! Wearing an all nude colour just washes out my face and lips. Instead I decided to experiment by combining two different tones of colours. I first line my lips with Cabarnet. I then fill in colour to one third of my lips on either side. Then apply one full layer of Sultry to the middle of the lips. I wear this colour combo all year around for various occasions; from just hanging around to getting all dressed up for a party!

What are your favourite lip colour combos? Would you try any of these lip colour combos?


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