Thursday, 2 June 2016

Are you going to GOMO this summer?

I hope that title got your attention! And if it did you're probably wondering what the term "GOMO" means? ......Going Out More Often! I am a big believer in creating memories that will last a life time. I think we live in a world that depends a lot on materialistic items more so than creating real connection and experience. This is where GOMO comes into play. This summer, I challenge you to GOMO! I'm participating in this challenge as well! It's about time we step out of our shells and create memories that lasts a lifetime. Here are some of the ways in which I plan on GOMO!

1. Beach Day
Going to the beach in the summer is a must for me, the hubby and la familia! I love the beach and all it's natural beauty. There's so much to take in and absorb: from the sandy shores, to the water, blue skies and crashing waves. A beach day is not complete without all of my cousins and family members... and of course food! I'm definitely looking forward to this summer's beach day where we can all just chill, relax and spend quality family time together.

2. High Tea
Don't judge... but I've always wanted to try the whole high tea experience! I'm a die-hard Downton Abbey fan and ever since I've fell in love with the show I've always wanted that old time, Victorian-era, high tea experience. There are many places that offer the high tea experience. I particularly want to high tea in an old, rustic downtown hotel. I have my eyes on a few places already! I'm definitely looking forward to enjoying an evening in the downtown core, strolling around while ending the evening with a lovely high-tea experience filled with tea and scones!

3. Paint Nite
If you're are not familiar with Paint Nite, it's a set amount of time where you are taught how to paint a particular picture with an artist. Paint Nites usually take place at a bar/restaurant setting so you can order drinks and appetizers. You pay to take the painting piece home with you. It seems as if this is the new trend for social activities. I have to be honest - I'm definitely going to be splurging on creativity this summer! This would be a neat experience while out on the town, sipping on drinks and appetizers. I'm really looking forward to experiencing this (and hanging up my masterpiece!).

4. Mini Trip
I'm going to Vancouver and Seattle this summer! I'll be going due to work, but I've decided to add a extra few days while I'm there. I have family out there so it should be fun! I've always wanted to go visit the 'other' side of North America/Canada. I'm really excited to see the natural beauty of Vancouver and explore the downtown core of Seattle. Of course I'm looking forward to all the yummy foods I'll be trying as well. Every city has it's own feel and character and I'm really excited to discover this in these cities.

This is my GOMO plan for the summer!Take the challenge and just go out more often! If you're ever stuck on ideas on what new experiences, events or shows to try, you can always check out EventBrite. You can search by location to view what new events are happening in your area. Or, maybe you want to create your own local event! EventBrite has their own page for event management online where you can find here.

Creating memories, building experiences and doing something that you love is essential to your overall welling as a person. When's there's something for us to look forward to or something we get super excited about, it builds happiness and overall good health. We're less prone to feeling sad or unhappy. Feeling good is the best 'makeup' you can ever invest in.

I'm really excited to know how you are going to GOMO this summer! Let me know in the comments below or connect with me on Instagram!


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