Monday, 11 May 2015

Oh Joy!

After a month of gloominess, sadness and just being blah...things need to be bright and cheery! If you follow the blogger Joy Cho you know that she recently released her book called 'oh joy!'. Looking at the title and the front cover alone, I knew I needed to get this book! With bright colours, random objects and with many ways to create and give joy, it seemed like the perfect book to fill the blah in my life and it's definitely lived up to its expectations...

I absolutely love this book! It's an instant pick me up and has many inspiring projects and pictures! I love the bright colours and coordinated pictures. I love every inch of it! What I like the most is that anytime I am feeling in a lull, I can turn a page in this book and instantly feel motivated or inspired to work on a project or try something new. I think some of us can use the extra motivation once in awhile. I especially love to look at the photography (which is extremely well done) while sipping my morning coffee and listening to the birds outside.... It would also make a great gift or a coffee table book as well.

My favourite project displayed in the book is the Dotty Wall Art - I can't wait to try this project out!

I love this book and during a difficult time, this book has brought about a lot of light and positivity, which I am grateful for. Regardless of the circumstances, this would definitely be a book that I would recommend for anyone's book collection!


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