Friday, 29 May 2015

Survivor Season 30 : Worlds Apart

Was this an awesome season, or was this an awesome season?! It was definitely one filled with drama, lots of back stabbing and plenty of excitement! Hopefully you've had a chance to catch up on the final episode if you weren't available to tune into the excitement live last Wednesday.

Survivor was definitely brave to introduce a completely new concept: Blue Collar, White Collar and No Collar. Basically, executives vs. factory/union workers vs. free-spirited individuals. From the beginning, I thought it was definitely an interesting theme and an interesting bunch of players. And the season definitely lived up to my expectations! Here are my thoughts:

What was up with Vince of the no collar tribe?! He likes to smell people... Definitely an interesting pick for Survivor...

Honestly, I did not like Shirin. I wasn't feeling her character or personality throughout the entire show. Although, I did feel genuinely sorry for her after Will's comments about her family. My most memorable moment of Shirin on the show was when she went back to her white collar tribe to tell them that she saw two monkeys mating... Need I say more?

It was interesting that this season, Survivor introduced a new spin on the Survivor Auction. Will bought himself a return ticket to camp without any food... but when he arrived to camp, a box of food was waiting for him! This was a very interesting concept and its something I don't believe was ever done before on Survivor? Also, having the option to buy letters from home wasn't a part of the auction in the past, (I think) but definitely made things a lot more dramatic, especially between Mike and Dan.

Will's behavior was interesting after he attacked Shirin. I personally think he completely took the whole thing out of context and went a little too far... I still find it interesting that during the live reunion show, I felt that he still didn't give her a genuine apology...

Dan... Oh Dan... What have you done??? If you watched the live Reunion show, then you would know what I'm talking about. Let me break it down a little: Dan has accused Survivor of portraying him in a negative way. He refers to one specific situation where they are sitting on a beach talking, when he says an inappropriate comment to Rodney. Dan claims the situation wasn't as it seems, but Jeff, being Jeff, pulls his strings to set the record straight for everyone in the audience and at home. And I completely understand Jeff's actions, as he wouldn't want the reputation of the show to be ruined. Jeff then goes on to show an unedited clip of Dan and what the situation was. This confirmed that Survivor didn't edit the situation and Dan, in fact, did say a negative comment out of nowhere. I think anyone would feel completely embarrassed and ashamed of this if they were set straight on live television. My point is, this has never happened before on the live reunion show! What I loved even more was the fact that Jeff was confronting, very factual and did not let Dan drag the show down! Good for you Jeff!

Rodney was another interesting character. I think I liked him the best for his comical nature and the wacky behaviour he brought on to the show. I've never seen anyone act the way he did about his birthday? And not being able to go on reward? Are people just that spoiled? However, Rodney's journey on Survivor ended in a very positive way, which I am extremely glad about. If you watch the Ponderosa series, you would know that the reason why he came out to Survivor was to escape all of his problem back home. He never got over his sister's death. After Survivor, he said he has found peace and closure with his sister's death and that his family is number one. He also mentioned that he will never waste food again in his life. I'm very happy to hear that Survivor was able to help someone out in a very positive way.

Mike! I really didn't think that he would win the title, but he did! I really thought the jury would have voted for Carolyn instead. Although, Mike did a lot of scheming, back stabbing and won those immunity challenges - everything that the sole Survivor would do. The only thing that I didn't like about him was the one instance where he gave his word that he would pay money for get the letter at the auction and then he just flipped on his decision. In the end, he ended up paying, but that one decision really painted him in a negative light. I think he was able to redeem himself throughout the rest of the season though. What's interesting about his journey on Survivor was that he did not have many allies, or anyone in the game really rooting for him. He was completely left alone to fend for himself and he made it all the way to the end!

All in all, this season was great! A blue collar participant ended up winning the crown. Does this say that blue collar has the perfect mix of knowledge and physical capabilities to win? What do you think?

I cannot wait until the next season: Survivor Second Chance! I think this game will be really good! I'm completely ready for another season of game play, schemes, broken promises and blindsides that make Survivor so worth watching!


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