Thursday, 19 November 2015

3 Beneficial Ways to Unwind

Life is hectic. With demanding jobs, family commitments and other responsibilities, it can get really busy. Taking time for ourselves to just unwind, however, is often not given enough priority. We need to remember to take some time for ourselves to unwind and relax . This is equally as important (if not more important) than eating your daily dose of veggie and fruit and being active. It helps us to stay balanced, positive, feel good, recharged and motivated to keep going.

Most of us associate unwinding with 'doing nothing' and I think this is far from the truth. For instance, there are some days where unwinding for me means sitting in front of the TV and doing nothing more than watching my favourite TV shows. Sure, I could do a lot of other things to unwind in a more productive manner - workouts, reading, etc. However, I don't believe this is entirely 'doing nothing' as I'm watching a show that I truly enjoy and brings me happiness. I think that's where a lot of misconceptions are - if you're doing something unproductive or not beneficial to your well-being, then that's not unwinding. This couldn't be further from the truth; unwinding can be so much more (or less, depending on your outlook on things). While doing nothing but watching TV boosts my happiness and comfort, I like to also unwind with activities that stimulate the mind, body and soul! There are other times where unwinding means doing something that feels fun for me but its still keeping my brain very active. Most of the time this means unleashing the inner creative side of myself! Here are three beneficial ways I like to unwind!

1. Adult Colouring!
To say I've been enjoying colouring over the last few weeks is an understatement. I've been obsessed with colouring! I've always been one to be creative and try artsy things, so I decided to give this new activity a try and I've been loving it! I think the rest of society has been catching on with this trend, as I've been reading and seeing a lot of talk about how adult colouring can be very beneficial, stress free and relaxing. I grab my book and coloured pencils and start colouring - its been my new favourite way to unwind! One of the reasons why this trend has caught on to many is because our lives are filled with technology, orderly processes and pushing creativity aside. However, colouring fulfills that inner creativity that is in each and every one of us. I've really been enjoying Johanna Basford's work in her latest colouring book, Lost Ocean. My only regret is that I wish  I started this sooner!

2. Reading
Reading has always been a favourite past time of mine. I love to get lost in a fictional novel that really gets me involved and engrossed into the characters and plot. I'm always reading something - sometimes it can take me from two weeks to 6 months to finish a single novel. But I love the idea of always having something to pick up and read when I want to unwind. Its very typical to find me reading right before bed where I like to calm my thoughts and busy brain. Reading is a beneficial way to unwind because you are using your brain in a different way that can be very effective to overall your body and well being - especially your mental state. Your shutting down one part of your brain, but by reading you are utilizing a different part that you may not always get to use.

3. iPad Brain Games
After a long day, I try to get away from technology as much as possible, but the reality is that we are always surrounded by it. It can be tough to deal with at times. When an iPad is close by and all I want to do is reach for that and watch YouTube videos instead of reading a book, I opt to play some brain games instead. Brain games can release your mind from the busy day and ease you into a different mindset by challenging you to solve interesting puzzles. I love these type of games! Not only are they fun, but I don't feel guilty about unwinding in this manner. The truth is that you are still utilizing your brain in a very effective way by stimulating different areas through solving puzzles. My favourite games to unwind are Threes, Next Numbers & Rules.

These are three of my favourite and beneficial ways to unwind after a long, hectic and stressful day. Again, while I like to sit down and watch TV just like anyone else, there are still times where it's good to keep that brain active in a different and more creative way. Finding the time for yourself to unwind is so important to our overall health and well being. It's a part of having a healthy diet!

What are some of your favourite ways to unwind?


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