Thursday, 3 December 2015

What Everyone Should Do For A Productive Week

Everyone likes to be productive. There is no better feeling than checking things off of your to do list. While I reserve my weekends for maximum pampering and relaxation, there are must do's in my weekend routine to ensure that the week ahead is a productive one for me. If this is something new for you, give it a try and see how it works for you. Of course, everyone's list may be a little different, but this is what I think everyone should do for a productive week:

1. Meal prep - Plan what you are going to eat. It saves you the task of deciding what to eat for lunch and dinner and going to the grocery store everyday after work.
2. Buy groceries - I always make sure I have all ingredients for my meal prep, and enough snacks and breakfast items so I am not tempted spend or I'm not in a time crunch to figure out what to eat.
3. Budget - Know what you can spend on for the upcoming week (ie. coffee, movies, household items).
4. Pay all outstanding bills.
5. Clean your house! Nothing feels better when things are clean and tidy.
6. Do laundry.
7. And put away your laundry.
8. Tidy and put objects away - My biggest pet peeve is seeing papers around the house. File them away!
9. Change all towels.
10. Change the bed sheets.
11. Make a to do list for the week - what do you want to accomplish.
12. Wash your hair - start off fresh for the week.
13. Pamper yourself - watch your favourite movie, read a book, put on a face mask or maybe drink some wine?
14. Lounge in PJs for maximum chill mode!
15. Find something to laugh about!

What do you do to ensure you have a productive week ahead?


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