Thursday, 28 January 2016

5 Reasons Why I Switched to All Natural Deodarant

It feels that I've always had problems 'there'... By 'there' I mean my armpits. Yes, we are totally getting real today! Growing up, I always had a sweat problem where no type of deodorant could control the amount of sweat I produced. While I have come far from that problem, I recently found the need to switch to an all-natural deodorant.

Before the switch, I was using a brand of deodorant called Secret. Secret is very popular here in North America. I've been using this brand for as long as I can remember. While it never really did 'wonders' for me, I've continued to use it for many, many, MANY years! It was only until recently when I realized that I must switch to an all-natural deodorant. Here are five reasons as to why I have switched to an all-natural deodorant.

1. Chemically filled deodorant kept ruining my clothes. I would wear a clean, crisp white shirt and by the end of the day there would be a yellowish, dark stain under my arm pits. Not cool - at all. I would have to use special cleaning products to remove the stains. This ended ruining the quality of my clothes. It was too much maintenance for clothes, all because of deodorant.

2. The deodorant was doing nothing to stop my problem of sweating. I was still sweating! Sometimes I would sweat so much it would show through my shirt (which is awfully embarrassing!).

3. I would have to keep re-applying deodorant several times throughout the day as I felt the deodorant wasn't doing its job or making me smell 'presentable'. What's the point then of even wearing deodorant if you still smell odor?

4. The deodorant was not a true testimony to its claims on the packaging and through advertising. It wasn't doing its job, not for me anyways.

5. Why was I continuing to use a product that is made of harmful chemicals? I think I deserve to use a product that is more 'friendlier' to my body.

These reasons lead me to make a life changing switch to a deodorant called Tom's of Maine -  an all-natural deodorant. I did a lot of research online and my decision really came down to the availability of a brand in my local department store and pricing. This this was my first time using an all-natural deodorant, so I didn't want to invest loads of cash. Tom's of Maine was affordable and readily available, so that's what I choose it. I couldn't be happier! Long gone are the days when I had to spend time on the weekends trying to scrub away those nasty armpit stains on my clothing. You know what's also gone too? All of those embarrassing sweat stains! (Sigh) Such a huge relief! I wish I had known about deodorant alternatives much earlier in my life.

I didn't mean for this blog post to be a review on the product. However, if you are interested in learning more about the product, let me know. I can also do a detailed product review for those who are interested.

All in all, switch to an all-natural deodorant! It's so much better for you, your body, your self-esteem and especially your clothes!

Do you use an all-natural deodorant?


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