Thursday, 4 February 2016

How Cleaning Can Be Effective Exercise

For most of us, tidying up and general cleaning is a weekly, or daily occurrence. Sometimes, it takes a huge amount of motivation for me to get up and start cleaning. One thought that has made cleaning easier is that I can incorporate exercise into my cleaning routine.  I love to stay active when I am at home by walking or standing. Think about it - lifting things, rapid movements and physical activity while tidying and cleaning can only aid you in making you more fit! Here are some ways that tidying and cleaning can be an effective use for exercise.

  • Putting objects away requires lifting, walking and climbing stairs. Instead of placing an object in it's place, think of it as a weight. Maybe do a few squats or bicep curls before putting it away. (Pump that iron!)
  • Carrying your heavy laundry basket up and down several flights of stairs can definitely make you sweat. 
  • Pushing a heavy vacuum around adds weight to your step. (And makes your carpet clean!)
  • When carrying items up and down stairs, take a little extra time to repeat the process. 
  • To add on to my point above, step up and down continuously on your bottom step for 1 minute. 
  • When cleaning underneath a bench or bed, do some push ups!
  • Take out the mop and bucket and get mopping! It's a good arm work out.
  • Get down and scrub the bathroom tub. Again, really great arm work out. 
  • Scrub the toilet while doing a squat. Not only are you getting an arm work out but you are working your inner core. 
  • While folding your clothes, try balancing on one leg or do a runner's stretch. 
With so many options to engage in physical activity while tidying and cleaning, there's more motivation to make the process a little easier. Tidying and cleaning is not my favourite thing to do, but by incorporating exercise into it, I can transform a dull and boring chore into an activity that adds to my overall wellness. I am always looking for creative ways to add steps and movement into my daily activity. 

How do you incorporate exercise into your daily household routine?


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