Saturday, 21 March 2015

How To Wear a Red Lip Confidently

Everyone loves to wear a red lip from time to time. However, I know that many of us aren't that confident on how to carry that red lip either casually, to work or for a fun night out! Wearing a red lip makes every women feel powerful, confident, sexy and fun! If you haven't tried to wear a red lip or just don't know where to start, here are some simple, fool proof steps that will make you feel confident enough to strut your stuff!

1. Before wearing a red lip, use a lip exfoliator to take away any dead skin. This will make for a smooth surface. My favourite is ELF's lip exfoliator - for a dollar, you can't go wrong!
2. Always use a moisturizing lip balm to give your lips moisture. This is key.
3. Invest in good lip liner! This is such an important step and one that is often overlooked - especially for a red lip. Having a good quality lip liner will prevent your lipstick from running outside the lines. My favourite lip liners are from MAC. They are expensive, but completely worth it!
4. Line your natural shape of your lips with your lip liner and then, colour your lips in. This first layer will act as a stain and make your lipstick last longer throughout the day.
5. Apply your lipstick!
6. Follow up with relining your lips with the lip liner to have a nice, clean edge. Use your leftover foundation on an angled brush to line the outside of your lips. This will act as an extra barrier so your lipstick won't run.

There you have it! Now go and try on some red lip stick and wear it confidently! You go girl!


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