Monday, 30 March 2015

My Coffee Favourites

I definitely cannot live without my morning cup of coffee! While many drink coffee for the caffeine kick, I love the taste of coffee and truly enjoy every single sip! I will admit that I do get an extra cup of coffee from time to time in the afternoon to keep me awake but my morning cup is essential to my morning routine. Since coffee has a important part in my life I thought I would share my favourite coffee products that make my cup extra special!

When my husband and I first got married, we were gifted a Tassimo coffee machine. We drank coffee from that for a year and got really bored. At that point we were really into coffee and didn't think the Tassimo was the 'real' thing, so we then switched to a French Press. The problem we had with the French Press though, was that we either never knew how many scoops of coffee we should put or how long it should be brewed for. At that point, we said "Enough was enough!" and we splurged on a electric coffee drip machine - best investment ever! We have enjoyed coffee every day from this machine without a single regret! The coffee is always hot and tastes perfect! What I love the most about this machine is the timer on it. We can set it so that every morning when we wake up, coffee is ready for us!

I've also been loving the Starbucks Pike Place coffee. I've been drinking Pike Place for a long time but every time I tried to brew it in the French Press, it never came out right. I feel like it's perfect when brewed with the drip coffee machine. I love the strength of the Pike Place - it's a medium blend. I've tried other brands but I keep coming back to this one specifically!

In Canada we have a coffee and donut shop called Tim Hortons. They are notoriously famous for their 'double double' coffee. Basically this means 2 creams and 2 sugars. Every Canadian knows the 'double double' lingo! It's hard to describe the taste, but the combination works really well and leaves you with a creamy, perfect cup of coffee. I then saw this coffee creamer at the grocery store called 'Double Double Mate' and I had to get it! It's been a favourite for my husband and I over the past month. I definitely can see this being a continued favourite in the future.

My favourite drink ware for coffee is my owl coffee mug and my Starbucks travelling mug. I've been through so many different travel mugs (and probably have spent a lot of money too). Plastic and stainless steel make the coffee taste completely different. Glass and ceramic are the best materials for making coffee taste like coffee, in my opinion. My owl mug is a favourite because it makes me smile every time I use it. I love the Starbucks travelling mug because its ceramic and it also has a removable top. This makes it easy for me to take coffee to work.

There you have it! My coffee favourites! I'm always willing to try new coffee products. If you have any recommendations on a specific coffee brand to try, like a brewing method, drink ware, etc... please let me know!


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