Monday, 11 August 2014

A Big Fat Indian Wedding

Happy Monday! Hope everyone had an awesome weekend! I had an Indian wedding to attend this weekend for close friends of the family. It was such an enjoyable experience as it always is, when I attend these things. Not really sure how many of you out there have been to an Indian wedding before. And that got me thinking, everyone who has the opportunity to attend one...should! It's one of those things that you need to experience for yourself. 
I don't think there are other weddings quite like these. With vibrant colours, traditional festivities (that last for days!), ceremonial beating of the drums, good music, exquisite attire, delicious food, meeting family (that you never knew you had) it can seriously be a production. In my opinion this is something to experience. There is nothing quite like it and no blog can describe the eloquence, incredible and extraordinary experience of it. Just thought that I would share my thought on this and hopefully inspire you to embrace the Indian wedding culture that is a treasure to experience.  

Have you been to a big fat Indian wedding? What was your favourite part?   

Some pics from my own wedding!

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