Friday, 15 August 2014

Appetizers for Dinner

Ever thought about having appetizers for dinner? I LOVE having appetizers for dinner. Whether it's at a restaurant or at home. I think it's different, unique, keeps things interesting and allows you to try different foods instead of having the same old boring dinner, week after week. My favourite day of the week to have this is on Fridays! I'm not sure why....maybe because I'm excited for the weekend and love the idea of something new and fresh. Of course, this can be done on any day.

Here's a recent pic of my hubby and I's appetizer choices on a recent date night. This is our fav combo! We went out to small little restaurant in our town. I also love to make fresh salsa with our tomatoes from our garden in the summer months.

So if you're stuck about what to have for dinner tonight or what to do this weekend, try this idea!
What are your favourite appetizers for dinner?


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