Saturday, 3 January 2015

Movie Review: Into The Woods

Title: Into The Woods
Director: Rob Marshall
Actors: Anna Kendrick, Meryl Streep, Johnny Depp,
James Corden and lots of other actors!
Genre: Fantasy, Adventure
Rating: 4/5

Synopsis: A baker and his wife struggle to conceive a kid when their neighbor, the evil witch, discloses that she has placed on a curse on the baker's father and himself to have their family tree become barren (i.e. never have kids). However, the baker and his wife can undo the spell by finding a series of objects specified by the witch. They must bring her these objects by the blue moon. While finding these objects, the baker and his wife encounter Cinderella, Jack (from Jack and the Bean Stalk), Rapunzel, Little Red Riding Hood and a few others. Eventually, the plot thickens when all of their lives end up being intertwined deep in the woods. 

My Favourite Part: I really enjoyed the concept and storytelling of bringing several different fairy tale characters together! I don`t know if there are other movies like this. However, there is a TV series, "Once Upon A Time," where are all of the major Disney princess characters are together in the plot. I think this makes the movie very unique.

I was blown away by the costumes and makeup in this movie! It was simply outstanding! Meryl Streep's and Johnny Depp's costumes and makeup were my favourite! I'll be very surprised to see what nominations and awards this movies grabs at the upcoming award season.

Lessons Learned: Fairy tales are typically made to end with the traditional "happily ever after." However, in non-fairy tale life there are always ups and downs. We must accept that everything is not always going to be perfect. There will be happy times and there will be sad times and we need to accept our feelings at these times - even in fairy tales.

Would I Recommend It?: A must see if you like Disney and fairy tales! For me, I grew up on Disney movies and fairy tales. There was no doubt that I had to see this!

My only criticism is that I didn't like how the movie ended.....I don't want to give away any hints or clues on here. However, let me know if you like the ending in the comments below.


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