Sunday, 30 November 2014

Holiday Home Decor

With November gone and December here, Christmas is definitely in the air! I usually get into the Christmas spirit around mid to late November. This year however, we chose to decorate our house on the last weekend of November. I thought it would be neat to show you some pictures of what I've done around the house. I don't have too many things, as we just moved in last year. I'm still working on collecting my Christmas stash!

I bought some special hot chocolate to go along with our holiday decorating! We sipped on hot chocolate, had Christmas music playing and our Mint chocolate Chip candle burning. It was very festive! P.S. The After Eight hot chocolate flavour is really good!

Red and gold decor all the way! Classic, timeless and traditional! The tree skirt is an old table runner that I just wrapped around the base. Honestly, you can be so creative with a tree skirt. Don't bother spending a lot of money at the store when you can get really creative with fabric and other materials that you may have around the house. 

He was from our Holiday celebrations last year! Last year he came with gummies, toffee and popcorn. If you ever get items like these as gifts, save them! They are great for decorating and cost nothing! All we have to do now is name him! If you have any good ideas let me know in the comments below!

My dollar store tree that changes colour. 

This is from my childhood. A snow globe that plays 'We Wish You A Merry Christmas!". 

A candle I got back from elementary school from a friend that I still speak to today!

Somewhat of a full view of the living room. 

Purple is mine and red is the husband's! We used command strips to secure them to the railing. 

My kitchen table center piece. I got this as a present last year. It didn't come with the candles so I stuck a pair of Christmas candles I had laying around. It would be nice to add some greenery or holly around the candles to bring the outdoors in. P.S. one of the wicks was not cooperating

And there's my Holiday home decor! I might add things here and there as I see them around stores. There's nothing really major that I absolutely want to add at the moment. For now I like everything the way it is. Simple and festive!

What's your favourite thing to decorate for your home during the holidays?


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