Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Scandal Season 4 Review

Anyone else a Scandal fan!? I'm a huge fan! Check out my earlier post about Scandal Season 3 here. Season 4 is definitely full of surprises, twists and turns and just very 'scandalous' (aka lovemaking)! But what else would you expect from Shonda Rhimes? Here are my thoughts about the season so far. For anyone who has yet to watch Scandal or Season 4 episodes, don't read this! There will be major spoiler alerts!

Oh Olivia...why can't you just decide between Fitz or Jake? I guess this is what makes the show interesting. We see a lot of this back and forth in this season.

Poor Jake in the scenes where he's taken in by Fitz for questioning about the murder of his son! My heart literally sank every time he was tortured.

Agent Tom! Oh poor agent Tom! From being sent to prison, to being stabbed by Command! Which I did not see coming at all! But he revealed some interesting things to the plot such as Fitz trying to commit suicide for not knowing where Olivia was and that agent Tom actually had an obsession for Olivia....

I feel really bad for Huck this season. He finally had the chance to connect with his son, Javi, but it all came crashing down when his son saw him kill Kobiak... This would indeed scare any kid away. At the end of season we see Huck finally allowing his 'wife' to read into his secret life. I would love to have things turn out for the better for Huck but I'm not sure if that would ever happen given his life and past.

Olivia's dad....HOW is he always 5 steps ahead of the game! Is there something I keep missing? Someone whose on both sides? Just how?! A lot of interesting characteristics of him are shown in this season from his manipulative nature, to his twisted, yet genuine care for his daughter. We see that he doesn't have the intention to kill Olivia, but who knows with future shows what will happen.

I feel terrible for Cyrus Bean... Losing James hit him hard, and he ends up sleeping with Michael, a male prostitute. What he didn't know until later in the season was that he was a spy for Elizabeth North! (Portia di Rossi, Ellen's wife). To be fair, Cyrus didn't know any better about being spied on, but I'm glad Olivia could work things out for him. It seems that Michael has more of a personal interest in Sirius than just business. We'll see...

In my opinion, I actually liked the second last episode a lot better than the last episode. The second last episode could have ended the season right there and it would have been good! Again, shocked at her dad at the end of the episode. Majorly shocked at the affair between vice president Andrew Nichols and Elizabeth! It all kind of ends up making sense with the last episode with the vice president wanting Fitz to declare war in West Angola, and possibly having a role in kidnapping Olivia. After all the vice president is working with Elizabeth whose working with Kobiak who happens to have all those photos of Olivia... Something smells fishy...

Speaking of glad that the smelly Melly phase is over!!!!

And what was with the weird Olivia Pope dance at the end of the episode...? It was so awkward, that you could sense something was going to happen and it did!

Overall, great season so far! I can't wait until January 29th for the craziness to start all over again! I just don't know what to think about what will happen at this point in the show... it changes by the scene! If you're really into Scandal you should check out Ellen's interview with the cast of Scandal (I've linked it above). It was such a great interview and really cool to see them interact off camera.

P.S. Shonda Rhimes is a great writer/producer! I'm going to start watching How to Get Away with Murder!

Any predictions for Scandal's future episodes?


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