Sunday, 9 November 2014

Mini Random Haul

Hope everyone's weekend is going well! I did some errands yesterday and along the way I got a few things for myself (of course!). I thought I would share!

Bath and Body Works had a promotion for 3-wick candles. Buy 2 for $25.50! I got two since you can never have too many! Plus, I really like the deal! I wanted some scents that were classic and that you could burn all year round. P.S. The sales lady said these are their two most popular scents.

I added these newbies to my already existing scents stored in my kitchen cupboard.

I went into Pier1 Imports looking for a indoor mat and also throw pillows (getting a new addition to the living room which I will let you know about in a future post). I didn't find anything, but I did come across this pedicure foot tool. It has two sides with different textures.


This side has a pumice stone and an emery board.

This side has a brush and a foot file. 

It also came with these instructions on how to use the tool.  How cute! I got it since my existing foot tools are so old. I also got a few extras for some X-mas presents as well! They make a great gift or a stocking stuffer for the X-mas season. Very practical and small. Also you can use it in the shower or for your pedicure routine.

I also went to Home Sense today (looking for an indoor mat and throw pillows) when my husband came across this. He is a HUGE Sonic The Hedgehog fan as well as a dedicated video game player. When he saw this he just had to have it! So we got it. The best part is that the cup changes when you pour hot liquid into it. Unfortunately I didn't get a shot of this.

There's my mini haul for the weekend!


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