Monday, 10 November 2014

Sweet 16 Birthday Gift Idea

Hope everyone's weekend went well! I had a pretty busy weekend with errands, work and family affairs. It was my little sister's sweet 16th birthday! I can't believe that she's 16! I still remember the day my parents brought her home from the hospital and all the times we would dress her up in funny outfits when she was a toddler. Now she's 16!

I wanted to give her something special and unique, after all it's her sweet 16 birthday! I would get her 16 gifts for her 16 birthday! I thought that this would make a good post in case your looking for a special idea for a birthday, anniversary, celebration etc....Originally I was going to do a scavenger hunt for her 16 gifts but came up with a gift basket idea. Here are some of the 16 items I bought for her gift.

A popcorn bowl, mason jar barrel glasses, 40 different kinds of Jelly Belly jelly beans, nail polish, a movie ticket, Lush face mask, deodorant, pocket tissues, lip balm, nail file, mascara, socks & stick-on nails. I also got a few more items that aren't included in the picture. 

I focused on gifts that she would like based on her interest. You can always switch up the gifts based on the occasion and person. For example, if it's a 25th wedding anniversary, you could get 25 gifts that the couple can use together (ie. a dining card, a movie rental, chocolate, wine etc...). 

Here's the final product!

I used the big popcorn bowl as my 'gift basket'. You could get really creative and switch this out for a decorative garbage can, a laundry basket, cooler, decorative basket, baby bag, tool box etc...

I tied it up with clear plastic gift wrap and added some ribbon, and you're done! Oh, I also added some left over Halloween candy in the empty spaces to make it look full.

My sister absolutely loved it! She also loved everything inside. 

This is a very versatile, easy, creative and personal gift for anyone on any occasion. Happy gift giving!


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