Monday, 24 November 2014

Spice Rack Organizer

Now that we've been in this house for a while, I have a lot of little organization projects that needed to be done. The first one I wanted to tackle was my spices! I use these almost everyday when cooking and it was so disorganized that it was driving me crazy! Here's a before picture:


I literally had some of my spices stuffed into a ziplock bag... yeah not the best for organization and trying to find anything!

So, to organize my spices, I bought these jars from IKEA. You can find them here


I really like these jars because they are small in size, it's glass, so I could see what's inside and find out how much of a certain spice I have left, and it also has a nice lid that screws on tightly.

I made sure to put them in the dishwasher and have them completely air dry before putting my spices in.

Then I bought this tiered spice rack that could sit in the cupboard. 

What's really cool about this tiered spice rack is that it's expandable! This is great if you want to place it in a bigger space or if your spice collection ever grows bigger. I found this at Home Outfitters. I'm sure you can find this or something similar at any organization store or department store. It's probably online as well.

Then the rest is simple, I filled all my jars with the spices. I ended up borrowing this label maker from my mother-in-law to make labels for the jars. I love label makers! It just makes everything look really nice!


And voila!

So glad I finally took the time to get all of this organized! It works a lot better for me and it's so much easier to find spices. 

How do you organize your spices?

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