Monday, 27 October 2014

Are YOU Ready for Halloween?

Halloween is only 4 days away! I'm not sure about you, but I felt as if it really crept up on me this year. This day's a pretty big deal around my neighborhood; decorations, costumes and, of course, candy! I usually make a lot of preparations well in advance for this day, so here's my personal checklist of all things Halloween before the big night arrives on Friday!

Halloween Costumes
Did you decide on your costume yet? Make sure to have it all ready and prepped before Friday arrives. Gather all of your accessories and makeup and keep them together. If you're doing really intricate Halloween makeup be sure to get all of the supplies you need. If you are trick-or-treating, it's always a good idea to get glow in the dark sticks, head bands, bracelets. Make sure that you are visible on the street. Safety first!

This will be the second Halloween that my husband and I will be celebrating together in our house. We didn't do anything for decor or costumes last year as we literally arrived back home from a cruise two hours before trick-or-treating started. This year we got a few decorations and we are planning to dress up as Pirates!

We found these costumes at WalMart for $12 each! We thought it would be nice to dress up for the kids!

Keep An Eye On The Weather Forecast
This will help with prep for clothing and how warm you should dress (if you are going trick-or-treating, taking the kids out, or handing out candy). Also if it rains, you want to make sure you are prepared by having ponchos, rain boots and an umbrella.

Halloween Dinner
Have you thought about what you're going to have for dinner? If you're working that day, and then picking up the kids, it's a really quick turn around to make dinner before the doorbell starts ringing. Try to plan ahead a really quick meal (ie. frozen pizza) or get take out! We're planning on getting some delicious take out to enjoy before the festivities start. We all gotta eat and make sure that everyone is well fed for the night! otherwise, you know it, we're just gonna indulge in all of the candy and chocolate!

Gather all Halloween Supplies
Get the candy, the candy bowls, Halloween music, and final touches on decor in gear! You don't want to be doing this last minute. We're planning on getting some Halloween music throughout the week to have playing in the background while handing out candy. We have some of our Halloween decor out and a few more that we will need to put out closer to the date.

Get Into The Spirit!
Get into the spirit and enjoy the occasion! Make a Halloween recipe, dessert or drink! There are tons of ideas on Pinterest! My personal favourite is this one: I really want to make this sometime this week! It's cute, simple and so much fun!

Around this time we also love to watch Halloween movies! Not the really scary types as I will get nightmares... :s It's best if I avoid those. The family Halloween movies are not that bad. We've watched The Nightmare Before Christmas (It's a Halloween movie), The Haunted Mansion, Hotel Transylvania and ParaNorman. We'll probably catch a few more this week before Halloween night. I love watching Halloween movies as it really gets me into the spirit!

Also, as an aside, why don't radio stations play Halloween themed music like they do for Christmas...?

Carve some pumpkins! We'll get to carving some this week. We're not sure about a specific design but we bought this pumpkin carving kit from WalMart. We might also find some other designs to do on the internet and use the tools in the kit to carve it out. I'll keep you updated with pictures when we do.

There you go! That's my list to ensure we enjoy every bit of Halloween this year! It comes and goes so fast, you have to make sure that you enjoy it! I'm looking forward to all of the little kids and their awesome costumes! I think that's definitely one of the highlights when your a home owner. You can participate in these activities and enjoy the neighborhood!

What's on your Halloween to do list?


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