Monday, 20 October 2014

Pumpkin Patch, Corn Maze and Other Fall Fun!

Hope everyone had a great weekend and your Monday is going well! Yesterday, we ventured out to a family run farm close by with a bunch of my cousins. We made plans earlier on Thanksgiving weekend to specifically go for the corn maze. What better way to spend a Fall weekend then to do something fun and exciting like a corn maze!

When I was younger I remember going on a field trip to a corn maze in Winnipeg, Manitoba (where I was born and raised). It was amazing and it definitely was the real deal!

Getting back to the corn maze adventure this past weekend... we decided to partner up and race through the maze. Losers had to buy the winners poutine! Ha! I was partnered with my hubby, of course! We all entered and found our way through. Thankfully, we were the second pair out (what a relief!). The corn maze to everyone's surprise, wasn't as detailed or hard as we thought it would be. We really thought we were going to be in there for a few only took us 5 minutes! The corn maze was really built for younger kids as the farm has lots of activities geared towards this group.

Nevertheless, the tickets that we bought also included other activities as well. We got to enjoy a wagon ride around the pumpkin patch, go through a haunted barn and the black hole (the black hole was pretty amazing but made everybody dizzy!). There's even a bakery where you can buy fresh pies, produce, pumpkin doughnuts, arts & crafts. I really, really, really wanted a pumpkin doughnut but the line was just out of this world! I ended up settling for some hot apple cider (which I've never had before; it was delicious!) and a caramel churro. My husband LOVES his churros...

It was a great time with everyone! The weather was great and there were a bunch of families out enjoying the nice fall weather. I did accomplish something off my fall to do list, which was to visit a corn maze. I think I gotta tackle my last remaining wish to go apple picking next year....

What's your favourite Fall activity?


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