Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Express, Old Navy & Ardene's Haul!

Got a little jitter bug in me to start doing some Fall shopping! It's definitely sweater weather where I am and I always like to get some new items for my wardrobe. I was in for a special treat this time since I got a few gifts for my birthday that I decided to use at Express. Here's what I got!

Striped sweater from Express. I love this sweater and it is very versatile! I can wear it to the office or just go a casual outing. 
Jeans are also from Express. I was looking for a lighter wash since I mainly have dark blue jeans. 

Little pink/nude sweater with little silver round detail on the arms from Express. I have a close up picture of the silver round detail on the arms, which I really like! I think it gives the sweater a bit of a glam element. Again, I can wear this in the office, for casual outfit or for a night out.
Another pair of jeans from Express as well. This pair is also of a lighter wash but it is still different than the pair above. 

Pixie pants from Old Navy! Not sure if you saw the commercial for these but once I saw it I had to get them! They are super cute dress pants for the office. They are ankle pants and tight fitting. They also come in a variety of different colours and styles. I went for the simple black and polka dots. These pants can also be paired for a casual top or can be dressed up for a special occasion. 


I had to get a pair of brown boots for Fall - a staple in any Fall wardrobe! I got these at Ardene's and I can't stop wearing these! They are comfy and easy to wear. They do have a zipper on the side which makes it really easy to slip your foot in. 

I also wanted a pair of neutral heeled shoes that are work appropriate for the Fall and Winter. I found that when I wore shoes to the office, they keep getting ruined by the salt in the Winter season. So I decide to buy a new pair and switch into them when I get to work. I had to "break in" to these shoes last week which was not fun....but I have to say I really am enjoying how they look on me. I've received a lot of compliments so far on them. These are also from Ardene's.

Every Fall season, it's a must that I buy two pairs of comfy/fluffy slippers for myself. I really like Ardene's slippers. Other stores just don't have these kind so I wait an entire year to buy another few pairs when they are sold at Ardene's during the Fall season. I believe they continue to sell these throughout the Winter season as well. They have lots of different styles and colours. I went with my usual style (big and fluffy) with pink this year. I had to get something that would make me smile every time I look down at my toes!

That's it for the haul! I'm really loving these items. They were all worth the purchase!

What are your staple Fall accessories or clothing items?


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