Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Scandal Season Four - First Impressions

Spoiler Alert - For anyone who has yet to see Scandal's season four premier.

It aired last Thursday and I could hardly wait to watch it! I was literally counting down the hours and minutes! I'm actually doing the same for this week as well.

Before watching season four, I had to refresh my memory of what happened in the last episode of season three. Since I was home sick that day, I ended watching it a few hours before the premier.

Anyways there's not much more for me to say without going right into it!
  • Could the beginning of the show start off in any other way? I get really worked up over the fact that Olivia is confused about her own emotions between Jake and Fitz. I guess this is what makes the show interesting!
  • Can I go to that island and get personal deliveries as well????
  • I was wondering how they would get Olivia back to Washington. They wrote it in very cleverly. 
  • I knew that Harrison wouldn't be returning to the show. Apparently he got into some legal trouble and was not returning. So I knew he would have to written off somehow. It wasn't a shock that he died. Although, he will definitely be missed.
  • What is the deal with Olivia's dad?! I can't really figure him out yet. I'm not sure what his whole scheme or idea is about. He's always lying to everyone, especially Olivia. Although I think Jake has caught on because he saw him drive by the cemetery.
  • I totally understand Abby, Huck and Quin's frustration toward Olivia. 
  • Really interested to know what Olivia decides to do. I'm sure she will stay in Washington. But with Abby working at the White House now (which was a total shock by the way), I think it might complicate things a bit. 
  • David is going to do something with those files....
  • I feel really bad for Huck. He went through some deep stuff and we can see the affect of this on him. I still want to know what happened when he confronted his family.
  • The President looks really old in this season. Mellie has taken on a whole new role in the show with her depression and trying to get over her son. It seems as if she doesn't care about things as much as she used to. Beforehand, she would always put up a fight until she got her way. 
It's so unclear about what's going to happen in this season. We all know that Scandal changes by the minute! All in all, it was an alright episode. Nothing too drastic happened but I am so excited for what will happen! I can't wait! Maybe half through the season I will do another post about my predictions for a season finale.

What are your thoughts about Scandal's season premier?


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