Thursday, 2 October 2014

September Obsession

My September Obsession! I have two things this month. The first are some of my iPad games that I cannot get enough of. They are called: Threes & Next Numbers! If you don't know what these games are or don't have them, you have to download them! What I like about them is that they make you think. Sometimes I feel as if my brain isn't always given the opportunity to work with numbers the way I did in school. And i think these games solve that problem.

Threes is a problem solving game where you use the sides of the board to add like numbers. The goal is to keep adding numbers for as long as possible without filling up the entire game board. Once you cannot make any other moves, the game ends. I love the little square characters in Threes! They are really adorable and they make the cutest little noises ever. My husband wants to dress up as these numbers for Halloween. If we decide to do that, I'll let you know how it goes. Nevertheless, I can keep going with this game for hours! It's a Sunday morning favourite for sure!

Next Numbers is great because it gets me all competitive! Next Numbers has multiple game settings to test your speed and brain power when it comes to numbers. I really like this game! It's loads of fun! The best part is that it really keeps me thinking and on my toes which I really like.

My last September obsession is the TV series called Suits! I wrote a blog post about this earlier but I cannot get enough of this show! I've been watching it all month (when I have the time). So far I am on Season two and I think there are four seasons. Needless to say, it's been keeping me busy!

There you have it! My September obsessions! What were some of your obsessions for September?


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