Wednesday, 8 October 2014

New McCafe Coffee for Tassimo

Hi Everyone! Hope the week is going well! While doing some grocery shopping over the weekend, I saw a new item in the coffee isle; McCafe coffee for Tassimo! We've had our Tassimo for about 2 years but got tired of always drinking the Nabob brand and not finding another brand of coffee that tasted great. So, I kind of gave up on my Tassimo for the last 5 months. Instead we've been using a coffee press and really enjoy it! We found the quality of taste a lot better with the coffee press than the Tassimo.

Anyways, I saw the McCafe coffee and decided to pick it up and break out the Tassimo machine again. We tried it over the weekend and it was good! I mean it doesn't taste exactly like the McCafe coffee in store but it's pretty damn close to it. It's a mild to medium roast. It's definitely not bold.

All in all, it's worth the try and I will enjoy having the other pods in the package. I'm sure once this pack is done I'll be looking to try another brand. Also, they have the McCafe coffee in K-cups and ground beans as well!

What's your favourite Tassimo drink?


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