Monday, 15 September 2014

100 Days Until Christmas!

Yes, you read the title right... there are 100 days until Christmas! Where has the time gone...

But in all seriousness, 100 days until Christmas means a lot of things! Here's a list of things that I'm considering as part of the countdown:

  1. Writing my wish list for Christmas and secretly slipping it in places where my husband will pay attention to it!
  2. Shopping for outdoor Christmas decor
  3. Making a shopping list of gifts we need to buy
  4. Planning what ornaments (or theme) to use for the Christmas tree
  5. Deciding on what new Christmas decor to buy for our living space
  6. Planning out our baking list and starting to buy bulk ingredients
  7. Looking at the TV Guide and PVRing a lot of Christmas movies
  8. Putting the Santa Claus parade in my calendar
  9. Planning out Christmas related activities during the time off we get
  10. Planning out Boxing Day shopping! (It's a Canadian thing, kind of like Black Friday in the United States).

Those are my top 10 things that I'm starting to seriously think about from now. I am planner so when it comes to big holidays like these, I hate buying things last minute. Especially during the holiday season, things are just way too hectic and I hate being caught in that. I plan to have my Christmas shopping done by November. That way in December I can focus on and enjoy everything that there is to enjoy during the holiday season. Whether it's watching Christmas movies, sipping on eggnog, listening to Christmas carols, writing Christmas cards, baking or planning out the holiday season, I can't wait! After all, the countdown begins today with only 100 days until Christmas!

What's on your to-do list for Christmas?


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