Tuesday, 16 September 2014

My New Favourite TV Series for Fall

Earlier this year I really got into the TV series called Scandal and boy is it ever scandalous! I absolutely fell in love with the show and I am patiently waiting for its premier next week. After watching all three seasons I wasn't really sure if I could watch anything else to really top it... Since the epic season three finale though, I've been looking for a really interesting, exciting, suspenseful and thrilling TV series to tide me over until season four starts. I asked around and got personal recommendations from family and friends for a show called Suits. And from what they say, it seems as if this TV series could be my new Scandal :)

I just started watching Suits this weekend and have fallen in love with it! I'm still on the first season and things are really heating up! As I continue to watch I can definitely keep you posted on what I think. I think this TV series will keep me pretty busy for the Fall season. 

As mentioned, next week Scandal season 4 premiers and I - cannot - wait! I'm also a huge fan of the reality TV series Survivor. I think that is also starting next week as well. I'll be pretty busy with my shows for the Fall season after retiring from them over the summer. 

Maybe after Suits I will try to watch House of Cards which I've also heard great things about as well. 

What's your favourite TV show?



  1. I love Scandal! I started watching it on Netflix on a whim and I'm hooked. Can't wait until it's back this season! :-)

    1. Scandal is pretty awesome! I'm counting down the days until it premiers! Can't wait to chat Scandal talk lol :)