Friday, 26 September 2014

Lush Haul!

I recently did a Lush haul to replenish my face cleansing routine products. These are my go to products that I use to cleanse my face in the morning and night. I'll share what I bought, but I will also do another detailed post about my morning and nighttime face cleansing routine, as a lot more goes into it than just the products.

This works great for my skin type as I am oily and very prone to acne. It really cleared up my skin when I kept breaking out.

I use this as my moisturizer. Since my skin is oily, this is a very light cream that won't make me extra oily. It also helps with removing marks on your skin. 

This is my toner. I only use this during my nighttime routine. This really helps with cleaning out any extra makeup and dirt off my skin, as well as preventing acne. I love the feeling of this product when I spray it on my face.

I love Lush products because they are all-natural. I have tried SO many products over the years trying to look for the perfect product for my face and have just been disappointed. My skin would always get more irritated and I would just be starting all over again. I recently tried these Lush products back in February and I have no regrets! I use some of their other products as well and I love them all! I can do another post about those products.

Do you use Lush products in your morning or nighttime routine? If so, which ones?


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