Thursday, 25 September 2014

Survivor Premier Season 29 - First Impressions

Hi Everyone!

Last night was the season premier of Survivor - Blood vs. Water. I thought I would share my first impressions of season 29. I don't think I will do a review every week but maybe every once in awhile. I will definitely let you know what I think when the season comes down to a wrap later this year. Also SPOILER ALERT for anyone who has not watched the episode yet!

But first they are:

  • Love that they are bringing back the Blood vs. Water theme. I think that it brings another element to the game that wasn't really introduced in other themes before.
  • I appreciate that they haven't brought back any returners. I think it gives all the other new-comers an equal chance. As much as its entertaining and really enjoyable to see the returners play, they always have an advantage in the game by already being out there and experiencing it. 
  • There are many mixtures of couples on this season. I think there is only one husband and wife combo. There are many partner/child relations and many partner/partner relations.
  • This group is really stepping it up with playing the game really fast (I mean you have to do this in Survivor anyways!). But they got to work right away with a shelter, starting fire, building alliances and even looking for the immunity idol. I like to see this because it really means they want it.
  • Not sure how long the professional baseball player will last on the show. Usually when professional players are involved, they pose as a physical threat. 
  • I am rooting for the husband and wife couple who are a firefighter and police officer! Their interaction was priceless and very emotional during the first episode. Although I can see that the others would look at them as a threat throughout the game. 
  • I felt bad for the pair of sisters who also played in the Amazing Race. They came in with a target on their backs which didn't prove to be helpful. It will be interesting to where the other sister will end. 
  • Introducing Exile Island with Blood vs. Water sounds like it will be very interesting. Exile Island is very different from Redemption Island as I feel like Exile is a lot more desolate and empty. I think we will see a lot of emotion over loved ones being sent to Exile Island. 
  • Looks like someone will be leaving the game or quitting according to the previews of what lies ahead. 
  • Last but not least, Jeff is the most amazing host ever!
Those are my thoughts about Survivor Season 29! Let me know your thoughts below!


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