Friday, 12 September 2014

My Favourite Movie Snacks!

It's Friday! Friday and the weekends call for... movie night! Whether its with your partner, family, kids, or friends, its bound to be a good time. You really can't go wrong with movie nights. What makes movie nights extra fun and awesome are the movie snacks!

Movie snacks could be anything from yummy leftovers, Chinese take-out, pizza, chicken wings, nachos, popcorn, candy, chocolate or ice cream.... (at least to me!). 

I love having take-out or a piping hot pizza and watching TV or movies. So naturally those are a given with the occasional movie night. However, my ultimate favourite snack for a movie night is hot, buttery, freshly made popcorn! This is my weakness! I will even go as far as drive to the movie theatre to get movie theatre popcorn, if I am having that craving. If not, Orville microwaveable popcorn will do. But it has to be buttery! At the movie theatres, my popcorn always has to have layered butter...otherwise, it's just not perfect. 

Now to go with my hot, buttery, freshly made popcorn is always a nice ice cold Coke with a straw. Yes, it has to be ice cold and I have to drink it with a straw. I don't know why.....There's just something about buttery popcorn and coke that goes so well together!. Anytime that I'm having popcorn, there has to be Coke around. 

To go with these I like my candy favourites as well. I like to munch on Mike and Ikes, Lemon Heads and Berries. Of course I will never say no to refrigerated Reese Peanut Butter cups as well!

Nevertheless, movie night is also fun but more fun when its accompanied by some delicious snacks to enjoy! During movie night this weekend, maybe try a different snack then your usual to try something new! I'd like to know!

What's your favourite movie snack?


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