Monday, 1 September 2014

Jack Astor's Sauced Up Chicken Fingers

For those who are not familiar with Jack Astor's, it’s a restaurant with your normal pickings for North American fast food. Some items they do differently from the traditional dish. One of those dishes is their Sauced Up Chicken Fingers! For those that have been before, you know exactly what I'm referring to! These aren't your normal fried chicken fingers. These are fresh chicken strips, fried and then coated in a hot sauce (mild, medium or hot). Oh yeah! To everyone you're probably saying, okay and what's so special about this?

It's really hard to explain without ever trying it. Maybe it's the atmosphere, the fact that it's prepared fresh and not frozen, the sauce that they put on it. I'm not sure....But this has been my favourite for a very long time! Everytime I go to Jack's, I always get this dish. It's served with a side of fries and ranch dressing. You can get normal cut fries or sweet potato fries. I've had both and I don't really have a stronger preference for either. Lately my go to has been normal cut fries because when you dip it into the ranch dressing, it tastes like ranch potato chips...and it's sooo good! The sweet potato fries are also very good as well. They serve it with a chipotle type of dressing and the combo is really yummy! On top of this I always ask for blue cheese dressing as I really like how it tastes with the sauced up chicken fingers.

And it's not like I haven't tried other sauced up chicken fingers from other restaurants before, because I have. It's nothing like these......Anyways, I thought this dish deserved it's very own post and bragging since it's that good! This is what I had when my co-workers took me out for my birthday this week. I encourage you to try if you haven't already and if you have, comment below on why you think this dish is so unique. 


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